Where’s the common sense?

Reader Input
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When will county officials responsible for school budgets smarten up? Laying off teachers, support staff and cutting educational programs for students is not the way to solve the budget crisis. The problem is with Placer County’s bulging administrative bureaucracy. Yes, fire 75 percent of the administrative staff. Those are the folks who shuffle paper and never see the students. Too simplistic? No. It makes common sense, at least it did in New Zealand. According to Maurice McTigue, parliament member and distinguished visiting scholar at George Mason University, New Zealand found that 70 cents of every educational dollar was being spent on administration. What did they do? They immediately eliminated all of the boards of education in the country. They left the education of children up to school boards elected by the parents at the school, the parents and the teachers. Schools were given blocks of money based on student count. Education improved dramatically. As long as our county officials fail to see the necessity of cutting the excesses of school administration, our children will be robbed of what they really need, our teachers will remain discouraged and the quality of education in this county will continue to decline. Beryl Smith, Auburn