Where’s your spirit of giving?

Reader Input
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In response to Knight Wagner of Colfax (“Volunteers on ego trip,” Reader Input, Nov. 28), I implore you, Mr. Wagner, to give volunteering a try. I’ve heard that smiling, both from the inside and on the outside, can really improve your mood. There are many volunteer groups in our very own area that give of themselves for the support of the less fortunate in our community. Just on the page next to your four-point put-down of volunteerism is an account of the Salvation Army’s unselfish gifts to the community. I don’t believe that Fred Relaford is on an ego trip when he stands for 20 to 25 days ringing a bell with a smile on his face reaching out to the community of Auburn. While I have never needed to be on the receiving end of the Salvation Army’s generosity (so far), I have had friends and relatives who have been. I am honored and pleased to live in a community that truly cares for those less fortunate. Does it please you to put down others? Being a curmudgeon can’t be a pleasant place to live, from the inside out! I’ve made my point. Joy Day, Auburn