Where’s our food co-op?

Reader Input
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Auburn, let’s think twice about Wal-Mart. If you don’t know the reasons why it’s a bad idea to allow Wal-Mart into communities, watch a documentary called “The High Price of Low Cost.” Hasn’t this multi-billion-dollar corporation ruined enough communities and bankrupted enough small businesses? Low wages for big profit. Say goodbye to your tax dollars that will subsidize the construction, say hello to Chinese-sweat shop distributor international. Want to hand your retail dollars over to a mega-corporation that’s thousands of miles away? Then do it on your own expense, go to Roseville. Let’s not forget about the cost to America, when Wal-Mart encourages employee welfare because they qualify for it. This train will never stop unless small close-knit communities like Auburn stand up against it. Our community needs to realize that many small businesses, “mom and pop shops” will be rendered bankrupt, and thousands of locals will be out of work. I suppose they can always go work for Wal-Mart, but not if you’re a woman; you’re better off jobless. If you want to do something for the community that actually gives back, take the land back and build a food co-op. Ben Bice, Newcastle