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Where’s the pollution to warrant septic bill?

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I am writing in reference to Assembly Bill 885. I don’t understand the reason behind this bill. Are there lots of streams and rivers that have been polluted by septic tanks? Is there an outbreak of polluted water wells? I haven’t heard of any to both questions. I have lived in Placer County for 65 years and have only heard of a few minor problems with a septic tank on a stream or a water well. The biggest problem was people dumping old car batteries, used oil, all kinds of paint and unwanted toxic materials along side roads that are near streams. Think about all the cow, horse and other animal pastures that when it rains run off into streams and ground water for wells. The point is, if there is a problem, prove it. In the time of this financial crisis we do not need another $700 bill every five years. Somewhere along the line I think the county and state have their hands in the pot of this ill-advised bill. Thank you. Don J. Greer Colfax