Where are the statesmen?

Reader Input
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Here we go again! The right wing of the Republican Party seems to be “Departing Controlled Flight” in its ill-conceived attempt to disembowel FEMA by playing the same parlor games that caused the stalemate over the debt ceiling. Polls reflect that 80 percent of those queried blame Congress with the majority blaming the tea party backing of the Eric Cantors and his ilk. While the Democratic Party has its issues they pale in comparison. Luckily, FEMA itself was able to bail out this attempted hijack for the short term with funds still in the system as long as there are no more federal disasters (hang in there, Joplin). Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is the lone holdout on a bill that by all accounts funds safety upgrades to our national pipeline system because “it’s just another federal regulation.” What? This minority group shows its true colors with candidates like Gov. Rick Perry, who ought to go back to shooting coyotes instead of shooting himself in the foot. As president I could just hear him say “But I really didn’t mean it” to China, Israel or a multitude of other enemies and partners. The list of transgressions goes on and on. Where are the statesmen? Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn