Where does our money go?

Reader Input
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In my opinion, one of the biggest problems facing the budget in California is that there is no accountability. Look at the recent monies found within the State Parks bank accounts. How many other agencies have “lost” monies? For instance, I look at my phone bill, and I see a tax that has been paid for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. If you multiply the tax, times every person that pays it, you have a lot of money. Yet, I as a person that has hearing issues, go to the place that issues the phones and they are mostly used and out-of-date phones. And not only that, but there is a waiting list for the phones. After the phones are no longer needed, we sign a promissory note that we will return the phones. Where does all of that money go? An audit of not only this state, but this country as well, is very long overdue. And, it needs to be transparently public. We have the right to know where our money goes. Peggy McCray, Auburn