Where is protection against this man?

Reader Input
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I would like to pose a question to our Placer County District Attorney: A 78-year-old woman was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, stalking and violation of a restraining order on Jan. 23, over a disputed fence (Journal, Feb. 4). On Oct. 12, 2009, my neighbor raced at me with his truck, pinning me against a retaining wall and proceeded to spit twice in my face while trapped. Because he was on the wrong side of the street blocking traffic, there was also a witness to this assault. I am a good, law-abiding citizen. This man is an ex-felon with a history of harassing me to the point I have provided to the authorities copies of videotapes of his repeated acts of vandalism to our property as well as flouting of a prior temporary restraining order. His numerous attempts at running me or my husband off the road while walking our dogs have all been dismissed as “neighbor disputes.” Dec. 30 I discovered that the DA will not press charges. Why is stalking someone with a vehicle, using it as a weapon to restrain his victim and spitting on them not treated as assault with intent to harm? Why is an oak board a more “deadly weapon” than a three-quarter ton truck? If not our local law enforcement, who else do I look to for protection? Melanie Neeley, Auburn