Whitman ads error-ridden

Reader Input
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The most recent Whitman ads have included bold-faced lies about public employee retirement funds. Obviously someone in her campaign polled the public and came to the conclusion that people like to kick around public employees, regardless of the facts. They falsely state that public employees retire at age 55 with “much of their salary for life.” Good luck trying to find anyone in government that fits that scenario. You would have to work in government for 50 years to fit their claim, and you certainly wouldn’t be 55 years old, as their ad claims, when you retired. The average state employee in California retires at age 60 with a retirement income of $29,000. The average teacher retires at age 62 with an income of $52,000, and the average classified school employee retires with an income of $14,304. The only highly paid government retirees I know of are non-union management officials with 30-plus years of service. If Whitman’s campaign wanted to stick to the facts her credibility as a candidate would be better. Then again, it would be harder to instill anger in voters if they told voters the truth, so I understand why they mislead in their political ads. Jim Knox, Auburn