Who’s the best for the job?

Reader Input
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Three (are) running for two City Council seats in Auburn, two incumbents and one Auburn “business” owner. This candidate has unique ideas, energy, executive marketing experience and resolve. Neither of the incumbents nor other members own a business in Auburn. A perfect example of why we need that “business owner” perspective is the current mobile food truck issue! Who’s best for Auburn? I believe Gary Moffat is the only candidate who’s “All in for Auburn.” Why: Auburn business/home owner, his business with son Drew thrived in a down economy, creates jobs in Auburn, owns commercial real estate in Auburn, generates substantial sales tax for Auburn, restored an old derelict building — a piece of Auburn “history” into one of the “gems” of Old Town! Gary Moffat is like the Mitt Romney of Auburn based upon job creation, stimulating sales tax revenue and owning a successful small business! Gary and I don’t always agree, sometimes we agree to disagree like the charter city issue. Common ground: Gary’s business was all done without grants, no government money, no subsidies, all done with private capital. Gary believes small business is the heartbeat of creating and sustaining a vibrate local economy. Auburn’s Economic Development budget for 2012-2013 is a paltry $6,000. Gary has a plan and part of his plan includes a full-time development pro as point person to “market” Auburn. Identify viable businesses with a “fit” for our community and recruit them. What does this do for Auburn; fills empty office and retail space, creates more jobs and leads to a more vibrant and prosperous community. We, the people, need a strong voice who will speak his mind, examine the facts, effect change, ask the tough questions: is taxpayer money being spent wisely. Gary is the best candidate for the job, bar none! Steve Cavolt, Auburn