Who’s she calling daft?

Reader Input
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I was very offended by Theresa (Cote)’s reference to me and many of my friends being perceived as a “daft” constituency by Tom McClintock (Reader Input, March 23)! I also take issue with her sayng that his agenda is all about “cutting the budget.” I say fantastic — finally we have a representative that recognized our dire financial situation. Theresa’s comments about the dam project were insulting and slanderous, much less truthful. She also did not preface her remarks based on any credentials she holds, making her an expert in the matter. Theresa apparently is satisfied with the status quo — which is destroying our economy and our children’s future. By the way, I and many others, support the Auburn dam for logical reasons. Theresa could have had an opportunity to see and speak with Rep. McClintock at the Colfax High School gym on March 22. If she had attended (right there in her hometown), perhaps she would understand why spending cuts must happen, as our country is in peril. She might have also learned what Rep. McClintock actually thinks, instead of basing it on her opinions, not facts. C. Taylor, Auburn