Who’s going to clean school?

Reader Input
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To Colfax Elementary School parents: Ask your school administrators how they plan to keep a safe and clean school for the children and the teachers. The school board has recently decided to let go the full-time night custodian, leaving one day grounds person and a maintenance supervisor. These two employees will be responsible for cleaning 19 restrooms, 28 classrooms, eight administrative rooms and the cafeteria/gym, as well as maintaining the grounds and facility. I am a retired custodian and substitute custodian for Colfax Elementary and know that custodial duties also require maintenance to do all the above, plus clean desktops, tables, sinks, windows, counters and doors. This district cannot afford to let go of their night custodian. The children and teachers are going to suffer from this careless decision made by the Colfax Elementary School board. Parents, please call your school or come to the board meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, June 13, in the library. Call for possible date change. Wayne Hughes, Colfax