Who are they to judge?

Reader Input
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I was a little taken aback when I read and heard about Roger Clemens being threatened with 30 years in jail for lying to congress. He will be judged by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who lied about Fannie and Freddie. He will be judged by Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangle who are lying about their taxes and business dealings. He will be judged by members of Congress on both sides that would not like the light of day to be shined on their business dealings, judged by Nancy Pelosi who wants to investigate anyone opposed to the mosque in New York. Judged by the same people who are attacking Arizona for their fight to secure their border. Maybe he and Barack could sit down over a beer and get it resolved. Get it out in the open as the president promised about health care, and all the meetings shown on CSPAN. Oops. I missed that one. A promise of no back door deals on health care, oops, I missed that one, too. Mike Michelson, Auburn