Who benefits from ADA lawsuits?

Reader Input
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Who cannot, by now, legitimately question the motives of this attorney who launches all these essentially frivolous lawsuits against small businesses (Weimar Country Store struggles to stay open,” Journal, March 22)? How many jobs has he caused to be lost? How many livelihoods has he destroyed? I personally know of at least two businesses that have closed rather than fight him. When the business is closed then services are lost not just for the handicapped but for everyone. I know small business owners who are constantly afraid he will make them his next victim. Has he really helped a single handicapped person? Is that really his goal, or is his goal the accumulation of easy money? We need laws, some of which have been proposed, that will protect small business owners, especially those whose businesses are in historical buildings which are difficult to bring into compliance without major and prohibitively expensive remodeling. A truly adequate law would exempt businesses in buildings built before a certain year. Some of the requirements of the ADA law are simply too detailed and restrictive. We need to accommodate the handicapped, but we also need to be realistic about existing conditions, real cost-benefit considerations, and the effects on jobs and livelihoods. Robert Namanny, Auburn