Who paid for writer’s schools?

Reader Input
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Contrary to Ken Newman (Reader Input, Oct. 19), Measure L is actually good for seniors. Funding our local schools is the most important place we can spend our money because good schools have positive societal benefits, even for seniors like Ken Newman. Good schools help keep your property values up because they attract families who want their kids to have a good education. Good schools keep crime down, because educating our children is the first line of defense against future criminal behavior, and good schools make for an informed citizenry and educated workforce that will one day be able to help pay for Mr. Newman’s retirement Social Security, and make informed decisions that will impact all of society. I’m a senior on a fixed income, but will happily support and pay my $59 per year share for Measure L. I think of it as “paying it forward,” a concept many have forgotten. Who paid for your education, Mr. Newman? If you went to public school, your education was paid for by the elders who came before you because it was important for you to be well educated. Why can’t you do the same? Leslye Janusz, Auburn