Who pays for oak cutdown?

Reader Input
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Why were a bunch of oaks cut down on Horseshoe Bar Road in a very straight stretch of the road, across from Tudsbury Road? Why did the county go to the expense of cutting down oaks on private property? One oak that was at least 24 feet from the road was way beyond the county’s road easement. In addition, that particular tree stump is at least 24 inches in diameter. So a majestic oak was felled for no good reason. Just 100 feet south of the clear cut is an almost blind curve where some cutting back of trees might be justified, but where the clear-cutting of the oaks took place, there was no reason for it. Who will ultimately pay for the oak cutting? Will the landowner reimburse the county for having work done that certainly had nothing to do with traffic on Horseshoe Bar? Did the public that stopped to grab the wood have the landowner’s permission? This is the kind of activity that screams for more transparency within our agencies. At least neighbors in the community should be advised, not only of the action to be taken but also of their rights. Matt Marin, Newcastle