Who represents our interests?

Reader Input
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Anyone remember the drought back in the late ’70s? If you do, read House Bill 1837, called “San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act.” This bill would affect the water rights of Nevada, Placer, El Dorado and Amador counties, but Georgetown Divide Public Utility District thinks the Democrat-held Senate will not let it pass. Rep. (Devin) Nunes of Visalia, invited by (Tom) McClintock, said “We gave up our water. No one else gives up their water.” There is no one else but the upstream guys, us. Director (Tom) Birmingham for Fresno and Kern County Water District Westlands said “What have the upstream users given up?” That’s where we were when water was going south and we had salt water in Rio Vista’s wells. McClintock chimed in saying, “This is a water war waged against the Central Valley farmers.” McClintock does not represent CV Farmers. He is suppose to represent us. (Rep. John) Garamendi said to McClintock if he wanted to represent our counties he’d better understand the area-of-origin law. This legislation steals water from those counties and gives it to Westlands Water District, plain and simple. We need a District 4 representative to fight for us, not Bakersfield. Pat Snelling, Garden Valley