Who is running for ARD’s board?

Candidates relate experience, gives goals
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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The Auburn Area Recreation and Parks District board of directors’ race includes incumbents and new faces. Two district board member seats are up for election on Nov. 2 and four Auburn residents are running for the positions. The Journal asked each candidate four questions about their campaign and possible election. Chris Asbury Chris Asbury, 52, has lived in Auburn for 19 years. Asbury and his wife, Cathy, have two daughters, Kendra, 24, and Kimberly, 17. Asbury works for Bank of America supervising mortgage underwriters. He holds an associate degree in mathematics from American River College and a bachelor’s degree in economics from U.C. Davis. His experience includes being a former member for the Auburn Youth Soccer Club and a current board member for the 49er Youth Soccer League. He has coached softball and basketball and participated in several ARD adult programs. Q: Why are you running? A: I look at ARD as kind of a diamond in the rough. I think there are a lot of good opportunities there. I don’t want to say the folks there haven’t done a lot of good things, but a lot of opportunities have been missed. Our recreation programs help build the foundation for the youth of today. Q: What do you bring to the table? A: (I bring) the business acumen, (I have) the ability to bring in a common sense business approach. (I have) the ability to evaluate programs and sometimes take a calculated risk … while mitigating any liability. Q: What are your goals if elected? A: (I would) like to open up communication with ARD user groups and survey residents to see what their needs are and how they would like to get involved in volunteerism with the district. We certainly could utilize today’s technology to get that feedback. If you’re just assuming things are going well, many times your assumptions are wrong. Q: Can you describe your ability to successfully work with and influence other ARD directors? A: I would rely a lot on my experience in the corporate world. We have a lot of diversity where I work. It’s a matter of open dialogue, basically, bantering a lot of ideas out there so you can come to a conclusion. Scott Holbrook Scott Holbrook has lived in Auburn for 22 years. He declined to state his age. Holbrook and his wife, Phyllis, have two sons, Christopher, 18, and Patrick, 16. Holbrook owns his own company, Keep Smilin’, Inc. based in Auburn, and Scott’s Econo Lube N’ Tune & Brakes in Citrus Heights. His experience includes coaching for ARD’s T-Ball program, serving on the Auburn Youth Soccer Club board and coaching and managing for Auburn Little League. He has also served 14 years as an ARD board member. He is the creator, founder and driving force behind the highly successful Party in the Park concert series. Q: Why are you running? A: I am passionate about my community. As a member of the Auburn Exchange Club years ago, I was encouraged to run for the ARD as they felt me being a dad of some athletic minded kids and my passion for politics, I would make a good addition to the board. I am proud of the growth and improvements made since I have been on the board of directors, but feel that there is a lot more work to do, and I am in the best position to help get it done! Q: What do you bring to the table? A: As the senior member of the board, I bring a continuity that continuously helps the district. My knowledge of the past has proven a vital part of many decisions made, be it expediting the process or working to not repeat previous mistakes. Further I take a holistic approach to what the ARD brings and can bring to the community, while my primary focus is on the community’s kids. Q: What are your goals if elected? A: (My goals) include continuing with a tough fiscal approach to make it through hard times, refining and improving ARD’s 5-year capital improvement and strategic plans, continuing to improve funding opportunities and increase non-traditional fun opportunities for the community. Q: Can you describe your ability to successfully work with and influence other ARD directors? A: When I first came on the board, many times I was on the 1 side of 4-1 votes, but I found that if you have a good idea, you do your research and present your ideas well, that it is hard to vote against a good idea. I have remained open and not anchored to pre-determined beliefs. Curt Smith Curt Smith, 64 has lived in Auburn for 16 years. He has four daughters, Susan, 47, Kari, 40, Michelle, 38, and Crista, 27. Smith is a retired federal contractor. He holds a Masters Degree in human resources and a Bachelors Degree in management from University of Redlands, and an Associate of the Arts Degree in middle management and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in construction technology. His experience includes participating in various sports including softball, racquetball, bowling, tennis, water polo and football. He has also severed as an ARD board member for four years. Q: Why are you running? A: (I’m running) because I enjoy serving in the community and being part of trying to make a better environment for all of us, all ages, to live in, as far as sports, and recreation and quality of life. Q: What do you bring to the table? A: Dedication. Basically I’m a supporter of all facets of recreation, be it disc golf, baseball, senior volleyball. To me parks and recreation is not just for kids. It serves the whole community, all ages and all types of sports. Q: What are your goals if elected? A: One of my goals is to continue the progress that has been made in the last four years in professionalizing both the district and the board in the way we do business. Beyond that, one of my goals is to find ways to come up with revenue to update the infrastructure … and beyond that to serve the desires of the community. Q: Can you describe your ability to successfully work with and influence other ARD directors? A: I study each question that comes before the board in detail, looks at all sides of the subject, try to persuade other board members and then, ultimately, support the decision of the board. I try to decide what is best for the district, not just any group of people that are looking to have (something) added. Larry Tracy Larry Tracy, 63, has been living in Auburn for 20 years. He and his wife, Danielle, have four children, Timothy, 38, Susan, 33, Scott, 23, and Patrick, 22. Tracy is the president of a security company, Mission Protection Systems and has a realty company called Alpine Sierra Realty that restores properties. Tracy attended California State University, Los Angeles and graduated from a Navy electronics school in San Diego. Tracy’s experience includes being involved in programs through ARD including softball. Q: Why are you running? A: For the last four or five years I have sort of been in a give-back mode. I saw some problems and … I thought I could help. ARD seems like something that is more along the lines of interests I have. I think today (ARD is) a lot better than it used to be. Thy are having some funding issues now, so we really need to maximize how they spend the money. Q: What do you bring to the table? A: (I bring) international business background, many facets of that, plus current construction experience. I have a pretty good idea of what things cost. (I have) good common sense, I know how to cut costs. I know how to say, ‘no.’ Q: What are your goals if elected? A: If elected (I) hope to get more bang for ARD’s buck, and find out what the needs of the community are. One of the problems with ARD is the board has been refusing to survey constituents about what they want. One of my goals is to do that survey. Q: Can you describe your ability to successfully work with and influence other ARD directors? A: When working with people, bullying is not the way to get anything done. I think you have to present a fair and honest description of the situation. You have to do that in business all the time. At least, if nothing else, they need to know what the real true story is and make an informed decision. Reach Bridget Jones at