Who will end this corruption?

Reader Input
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Re: “Nearly $500K paid out to (Sierra College) staff” (Journal, Jan. 20). Here we are again with public employees granting other public employees payoffs or payouts that are contractual. Who writes these contracts? Where is the oversight? Do I understand that the previous or former president had the authority to enter into contracts but that perk has been eliminated from the new president’s list of can do’s? If not, what prevents the same thing happening all over again? Why should an exiting employee get any cash at all? The job has a property interest to the employee? I wonder who thought that little jewel up? It just goes on and on and on and on. (Sierra College President) Willy Duncan ain’t going to change the system. We, the taxpayers, have to come to the realization that enough is enough. We’re getting scammed by the unions and public employees that are out for themselves and want to raise our taxes to pay for greed. Where is the leadership going to come from to put a halt to this corrupted system of the education institutions and city, county and state government? JAMES McKESSON, Auburn