Whoa! Slow down on this high speed rail idea

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I put a pencil to some of the claims of the people supporting the proposed California High Speed Rail project and I have two questions, and a comment about this “wonderful” rail project. Sacramento to Anaheim, about 415 miles, in two hours and 36 minutes at 220 mph. With no stops and no time to accelerate and decelerate, that’s one hour and 50 minutes. That leaves 46 minutes to make the 10 stops between Sacramento and Anaheim. Passengers better have their running shoes on for this trip. Where in the world do they get 435,000 permanent jobs? When the project is completed, I estimate about 780 miles of track. That’s about 560 employees per mile of track. This seems a little high to me. When was the last time a government project of this size came in on time and on budget? They claim $80 billion to complete. I think $120 to $150 billion, or more, would be a better estimate based on past experiences, and that doesn’t included the interest on the necessary borrowing. Before we jump to spend federal $$$ (actually taxpayer dollars), let’s do a little more thinking about the real costs and benefits to California. Don Perera Rocklin