Why are geese suddenly a problem?

Reader Input
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In regards to the “removal of the geese” (Journal, July 29): I have lived directly across the street from the Meadow Vista Park for 10 years, and every day I have seen the geese and the residents at the park. In all this time, I have never heard any complaints that the geese cause any problems. The geese — despite recent complaints — are part of the park, and have been as long as residents can recall. Everyone I know that has grown up in Meadow Vista has grown up feeding and watching the geese. The birds have established a home at the park, raising young — a yearly highlight for residents of all ages. Plenty of room is available at the park, especially with the refurbishment of the designated picnic grass/table area adjacent to the playground (where no geese visit), for those seeking a “sterile” park experience. Why is this an issue now, if not 10 years ago? The geese are as part of the daily life of the park as the residents, and they are neighbors that we have all come to know and enjoy, and the park will never be as special without them. Alison Cunningham, Meadow Vista