Why deny a living wage?

Reader Input
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I’m writing in response to Barbara Jicha’s letter (Journal, July 14) regarding the prevailing wage and her contempt for those that have been protected by it. Her quote, “None of these people care about the community as a whole and they think that the community should pay a 10 percent premium so that they can live a better life”, just doesn’t make any sense. She infers that accepting a sub-standard wage would show love of community. We’re talking about a segment of the American middle class here ... people trained in the building trades and capable of doing the best job possible. That’s what the prevailing wage is all about ... it insures that all bidders are held to the same wage standard for their employees. What is it that so many people like Ms. Jicha resent about a working person trying to hold on to a job with health insurance and a pension? It doesn’t mean you don’t care about your community, your friends and neighbors. It means you’re trying to hang on to what’s left of the American Dream and provide for your family. Dan Tomich, Auburn