Why don't they cut programs?

Letter to Editor
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When California hit a budget crunch, the state advanced lame propositions like this last election. The tax increase initiatives failed. Now our sorry excuse for a Governor and Legislators immediately begin firing police, fire and needed public safety services instead of making a careful examination and cutting massive pork programs. Under the Mountain Lion Protection Act of 1990, California’s paid $30 million annually to the Habitat Conservation Fund. We’ve also shelled out 10 percent of the annual Cigarette and Tobacco Surtax to Habitat Conservation. (That’s an amount no one really knows.) We’ve paid at least $570 million tax-dollars (probably much more) to this Habitat Conservation Fund. Other excessive annual costs include; $1.5 million to the Santa Lucia Mountain Range in Monterey County; $1 million for land acquisitions in and near the state park system; $2 million for local agency matching grants; $4 million annually to the California Coastal Conservancy; $5 million to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy; $500,000 annually to the California Tahoe Conservancy; an unknown amount from gas taxes; CO-2 mitigation and carbon-credit fees, eco-fines and on on. The amount wasted in these tax-dollar vacuums seem endless. All the eco-interests, aided by colleges and universities who perform the “studies,” contribute heavily to legislators and lobbyists. Couldn’t be all about the money could it? Why, perish the thought! Don’t hurt or lessen protection for the disabled, sick or weak. In my view, it’s way past time to cut back the eco-boondoggle! Rocky Warren, Colfax