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Why endorse faith-based oppression at home?

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Fellow Californians, we know better. We all know that Proposition 8 is wrong. We all know that it is motivated by religion. We all know that its supporters say “this will happen,” when in reality none of the predictions have happened in the past months. No person has been imprisoned or fined for reading the Bible publicly. No pastor has been legally threatened to stop preaching as he or she desires. Teachers across the state have univocally banded against Proposition 8. Our most respected academics are against it. And we know better. We know better than to single out a minority group and provide separate rights. We know better than to deny people, based on gender, equal opportunity. We know better than to believe that the way of the majority is always correct. We know that to protect democracy and equality, we must protect the rights of minorities, even when our faith says something else. We condemn faith-based oppression around the world, so why would we brew it in our own home? California, we know better; we can do better; and, we are better. We are California. We are the Golden State. Let’s practice the golden rule. We know better, so we better vote No on 8. Robey Clark Patrick Auburn