Why focus on wild pigs?

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A resent news article caught my eye; it shows me that the Obama Administrations does truly care about our southern boarder. The article outlines the U.S. Forest Service estimates of 200 to 300 illegal aliens in San Diego County back country living near the Riverside County border near Capitan Grande Indian Reservation behind El Capitan Reservoir in the San Diego River bed. But locals who spend a lot of time in the backcountry say the population is three to four times that now. The article reads that the Federal Government has finally taken positive steps to controlling the spread of illegal aliens in San Diego County, by the use of public hunting efforts. The federal agencies are now launching an ambitious program that will use cage traps, corral traps, federal hunters with guns and dogs and even shooting from helicopters to exterminate the area’s population. Officials see the illegal aliens as a threat to fragile ecosystems and public health and safety. Finally! Calm down…the article is not concerning the slaughter of poor undocumented visitors trying to live the American dream. The new program concerns wild pigs. The Feds are up in arm over the wild pig invasion not the people invasion just the pigs! John T. Nighitngale, AUBURN