Why name-call rally participants?

Reader Input
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It’s obvious that Evelyn Deleon (“Occupy Auburn thugs asleep,” Reader Input, Nov. 30) wasn’t anywhere near the “Auburn 99 Percent Rally” on Nov. 17. I was, and I sure didn’t see any “communist, Marxist thugs” there. I saw working people with jobs or who run local businesses. I saw elderly people on Social Security they paid into all their working lives, speaking out because of their concern that young people will not have the same economic opportunities they had. I saw young people who can’t afford an education at our “public” colleges, so they can get a job, because of increased tuition, while chancellors give themselves raises. There were no “anti-Auburn business” signs, In fact, the 99 percent movement supports buying local. Many of us purchased food in local restaurants before, during and after the rally. Why do people like Deleon resort to name-calling of people who are willing to contribute their fair share by working hard, but are just asking the wealthiest 1 percent, who have seen a 300 percent increase in their income, to pay their fair share, too, so we all prosper? Unless Deleon is in that 1 percent, I suggest she get used to the fact that she’s part of the 99 percent, too! Leslye Janusz, Auburn