Why no public forum on fire house?

Reader Input
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Measure B questions: Through this letter, I’m hoping to generate some discussion and gain further insight into Newcastle’s Measure B re: our fire department. We usually have public forums to gain information on issues before we vote – why not this time? My concerns and some shared by neighbors include (not limited to this list and in no particular order): 1) For how long will we pay this tax? 2) Flier says “for most parcels, the cost will be $2.80 per week.” My 4.6 acre parcel is split in two for property taxation; will I pay double? Approximately $300/year? 3) What type/size fire station are we to build? What is the annual budget? 4) Will bare land be taxed at a lower rate than a structure? (structures usually mean more medical aid, more frequent use of the fire department) 5) Do they respond to I-80 vehicle accidents? If the victims aren’t Newcastle residents are they reimbursed? 6) Does this need only a two-thirds majority of those who mail in their vote? 7) What happens if Measure B does not pass? Will another measure be put forth? Will our station close? Who will respond to us? 8) I have to budget money for future home maintenance and repairs. When property values were soaring and tax revenues greater, why wasn’t money set aside for the station? 9) If this measure fails will we still be able to get fire insurance? At what cost? We are being rushed to a vote without being informed. Karen Floyd and Joanne English, Newcastle