Why not shop Downtown? Let’s count the ways

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The secret to parking in Downtown Auburn is getting on Lincoln Way before 10 a.m. before the stores open. I have been in Auburn since 1947 and have seen and read many such parking studies. Auburn has tried many ideas such as one way up, one way down, meters, one-hour, two-hour and now three-hour parking. My three main issues with not shopping in Auburn are: 1) No open parking on Lincoln Way. I just forget it and do without or try next time in town. 2) When in the store, where are the sales people? On the phone talking about last weekend’s fun. Can’t get any service. I leave without buying what I went for. 3) When in the store, background music blasting so loud you can’t hear yourself think much less ask someone where to find what you are looking for. I leave without purchasing what I was after. All three have been issues on four separate trips to town in the last two weeks. I am now home and ordering by mail. Less frustrating for all concerned. Yvonne Lewis Auburn