Why oppose small business?

Reader Input
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Why is Tom McClintock voting against small business? He voted against the Enhancing Small Business Research and Innovation Act; the Permanent Estate Tax Relief for Families, Farmers and Small Businesses Act; the Small Business Development Centers Modernization Act; the Small Business Micro-lending Expansion Act; Small Business Financing and Investment Act. Why did he vote no on the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act? The Tax Extenders Act he voted no on to extend a number of expiring tax cuts. Tom claims loans to small business are risky investments that caused the economic meltdown. Small business loans are transparent, unlike mortgage derivatives that sunk the economy. Tom defends banks refusing loans to small business because banks might lose money if inflation rises. Is it more important that banks maximize their profits or that they loan bailout money to create jobs? Small business is the main engine of employment. Tom’s alternative: cut taxes. You have to pay taxes before they can be cut. Tom gets donations from the banks. I would like to see him sponsor legislation requiring banks to use TARP funds to loan to small business and to renegotiate home mortgages that are being foreclosed so families can stay in their homes and neighborhoods can survive. Scott Johnson, Auburn