Why penalize good payers?

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Seeing that I am being forced to reenter this e-mail for every recipient because none of you, your staffs or the IT staff of the federal government, has the wherewithal to provide a direct e-mail address for your constituents, I am sending the same message to the following California Representatives: Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Tom McClintock. I am also going to post this on several Web sites and send this to the letters to the editor section of our local papers so that other people will know exactly what the ramifications your actions will have on them. To be fair, I will also post any response(s) that I may receive. I just wanted to say thank you very much for passing an ill-conceived, idiotic credit “reform” bill that enables and encourages those people who do not adhere to the contracts that they entered into, rewards them for not paying their obligations on time and penalizes the rest of us who actually do meet our obligations. Because of you, we received notification from our credit card company today that they will be increasing our interest rate from a reasonable 9.9 percent to 17.9 percent. Considering that we have never missed a payment, been late on a payment or have had a single blemish on our credit history, I can only assume that it is your actions that have caused the credit card company to take this action. Because of you, if we decline the new rate we will lose all of the rewards points that we have accumulated, will still be faced with the higher interest rate until the balance is paid off and will have to pay an annual service fee. Congratulations once more on finding a way to penalize those of us that pay our mortgages and taxes on time, meet our personal and professional obligations and pay for the education of our children without the assistance of any government program. You still managed to find a way to reward the irresponsible actions of the few. It proves once again that those of you within the “Beltway” have no idea of what the consequences of your actions have on the basic citizens that you are supposed to be representing. Jack Reddy, Rocklin