Why re-elect failures?

Reader Input
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If the voters of California take a hard look at the economic, fiscal, educational, energy, financial, poverty and immigration condition of both California and the country as a whole, they would see that our wonderful omnipresent, omniscient government has been failing the citizens and voters for quite some time. What I can’t figure out is why we keep re-electing these failures. Individually, I’m sure some of those holding office are wonderful people, and would like to do what is right for their constituents, but party politics and special-interest money clouds their vision and scrambles their brains. It’s a real shame because this country has huge problems that need to be solved, and could be solved, if our elected “representatives” were really free to act and vote based on their conscience, not on party politics and money. With legislative “approval ratings” in the low 20s, I would think that some of them, if they weren’t politicians, would be too ashamed of their performance to seek re-election. Unfortunately, they are politicians first, last and always and could care less about “approval ratings.” Don Perera, Rocklin