Why surprise at sticker reaction?

Reader Input
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I am amused by several recent letters concerning reactions to political bumper stickers ("Have the courage to sign your name," Reader Input, Sept. 28); ("Freedom of speech on I-80," Reader Input, Sept. 25. One reaction was a nasty note left on the windshield and the other was a single-digit salute to persons who displayed a pro-Obama bumper sticker.
My amusement comes from trying to understand why a person, who displays a strong political bumper sticker message, is then surprised that others may not have the same opinion. Maybe this person feels their opinion should be valued and it’s important that the rest of the world understands and conforms or at least follows along.
Maybe a bumper sticker is just their way to start a conversation. Here’s my position, what’s yours? I support Obama, who do you support? Or why don’t you?
Our freedom of speech is and should remain our most protected right as a U.S. citizen. You expressed yours, they expressed theirs. Maybe that guy was giving you a “thumbs up.”