Why won’t the rich pay their share?

Reader Input
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We are losing services all over the country. Parks, libraries and summer pools are closing. We’ve seen cuts to firefighters and to police, cuts to the prison system, to teachers, to nutrition programs for children. We have lost the equity from our homes and from our pensions. We have huge unemployment and our poverty levels are steadily increasing. Poverty brings more crime, homelessness, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion and violence in our neighborhoods. Expect it. I realize this is going to sound naïve, but how can the very wealthy in this country sit by and watch this happen? They already have all the money. Why aren’t they saying “We have plenty. We don’t need any more. We insist that you tax us more.”? Isn’t this their country, too? I know this sounds funny, but not only are they not offering to help, they are fighting to see that the entire sacrifice of the coming recovery comes from the working classes. I have seen proposals for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and dozens of programs that benefit working class people, but never anything that requires any sacrifice by the rich. Does anyone remember the American Dream? Is it now just for the wealthy? Clifford Lanxner, Applegate