Wife was stopped by police officer 'without cause'

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With all the letters to the editor recounting incidents with Auburn police, I feel that I need to add what happened to my wife awhile back. My wife was stopped by an Auburn police officer completely without cause, not because he should but because he could. This officer thought the mother of three, Sunday school teacher, woman in her 50s posed a threat to the driving public because of the color of the car she was driving. Although the car was as delivered from the factory and completely stock, he stopped, questioned and harassed her. She hadn't broken any law and is one of the safest and most courteous drivers on the road. This officer appeared to have a rookie officer with him who he was training. I would guess that he was trying to impress this young officer of his unlimited power to stop whomever he pleased. She didn't want to file a complaint or even contribute to the Your Views section because of fear of reprisal. She is right to have this fear. Complaining about a cop is generally not smart. I have friends who are peace officers and I have always thought that the vast majority of peace officers are hard-working and dedicated to do a very difficult job. Unfortunately, police work tends to attract people who enjoy having power over people. When an officer harasses innocent civilians that he is charged to protect and serve, it's time for that officer to find another line of work. It's up to the police agency to identify these individuals and weed them out. Ken Wilson Auburn