Will Big Brother stare down pitbulls?

Reader Input
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I am director of Chako, a canine advocacy and rescue group, and I attended Monday night’s city council meeting on behalf of our Auburn members. I was disheartened by some of the comments I heard from a member of the city council. Councilman (Kevin) Hanley wants a government agency to keep a record of all pitbull owners so that police squad cars can drive by those residences. I find such a Big Brother mentality disturbing, and it will most certainly dissuade responsible dog owners from licensing their pets. We take solace in the fact that not all city council members are so irrational. Mike Holmes seems to want to implement a law that will hold all dog owners responsible for their pets without creating a nanny or Big Brother state or killing innocent animals. We hope the city council listens to the staff members it asked to research effective ordinances. Targeting any one breed will prove to be ineffective. After all, the bad owners who don’t completely ignore the law will just go buy a dog not on the list — such as a Rottweiler, Doberman, Mastiff, or German shepherd. Laws should focus, instead, on encouraging responsible dog ownership and severely penalizing people who allow their dogs to roam at large. Dawn Capp, Sacramento