Wind storm to hit Auburn

Forecasters say precipitation not anticipated
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Auburn residents can expect 25 to 35 mph winds and cooler temperatures, Wednesday and Thursday, according to Bill Rasch, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Sacramento. Rasch said rain was not in the forecast for Auburn. “It’s basically a wind storm, that’s about it,” Rasch said. “We are not even expecting any moisture.” While forecasters predict it will be windier than normal, Rasch said the winds are likely to cause only minor inconveniences rather than hazards of any kind. The wind is not expected to be severe enough for the National Weather Service to issue a severe wind advisory, according to Rasch. “It would just be a lot of inconvenience-type things,” Rasch said. “People may see their outdoor furniture flying around, or garbage cans.” At higher elevations in the Sierra, Rasch said there is a 20 percent chance of precipitation at the most. “We are not expecting any damage,” Rasch said. ~Sara Seyydin