Windows frame different foothill views

Reader Input
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Over the weekend I saw two things out of two windows I would like to share with the community. The first was out my car window as I pulled in to get gas at ampm in Auburn. It was about 9 at night and no place for a little kitten to be where cars park. After some milk and coaxing the beautiful Siamese kitten was in my arms and on his way to Foresthill. Obviously he was not feral, or I’d have never caught him and he would have never been so affectionate and tame. He was also skin and bones, full of stickers, starving and appears to have been injured in his hind leg. There are no homes near this gas station. He did not get lost. He was, if for a brief time, loved by someone because he is so friendly and sweet. He was dumped there. If you know anything about this, know this as well. There is a special place in hell for people cruel to innocent, helpless animals and I hope you spend nine lives there. His name is “Rango” now and he is mine. He will never be hungry, alone, hurt or homeless again. Shame on you. The next day while washing dishes at my mom’s I was looking out her kitchen window and witnessed a soldier returning home from the war. Still wearing his camo uniform, his happy loved one who had been in the car, hurried ahead into the house while he appeared to hide. At first I assumed it was a family member they were going to surprise with his unexpected homecoming. With great interest, I watched. Several years ago my son came home from the war three months early and surprised me. As the scene unfolded, the loved one emerged and leaped with such joy and happiness. His black labrador was as overwhelmed with as much bliss as any human family member. I felt blessed to be there at the window. Later my mom and I went outside to welcome him home and thank him for his service. His name is Christian. Chris Conklin, Foresthill