Wine ordinance will affect all rural residents

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Watch out for this: wine tasting ordinance in rural Placer County. Unsuspecting residents living on private lanes and driveways in Placer County have no idea that a new wine tasting ordinance will drastically affect their lives. While the county’s own report acknowledges that it will affect over 1,000 people, this is a gross underestimate. It is more likely that it will affect every resident living on a private drive — possibly tens of thousands of people living in rural Placer County. This ordinance amounts to a zoning change for the entire county, one which may violate the general plan. Someone at the county must have asked staff to draft a “winery specific ordinance” and make a zoning change from agricultural to commercial. Residents of rural Placer County: Watch out for this one. Don’t let it slip through without knowing what it means to you. Ask the county: Where are the traffic studies? Where are the health and safety studies for neighborhood exposure to drinking drivers? Then ask them to send out a good faith notice to every resident living on a private road in Placer County. Stephanie Austin Penryn