Wine tasting rules would increase drunk driving

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Although residential zoning and private roads in residential/ag neighborhoods have always been sacrosanct and off limits with regard to public commercial traffic in Placer County, all that is about to change. If passed, an audacious wine tasting ordinance will soon bring an assault of drinking drivers to private neighborhood roadways with no law enforcement so that hobby farmers can make money. Wineries and county officials spew the usual non sequitur of “We’ve worked on this for years,” as if that justifies what amounts to a violation of zoning ordinances. To hold public, money-making wine tasting/sales on private roads, one must plant only one acre of grapes and create a winery. No harvest is necessary since grapes may be imported from anywhere—so much for the hypocrisy of “Placer Grown.” Public drinking and driving on private neighborhood roads is more important than health, safety, parking, roadway width, hours of operation requirements —all deleted for greed. The county asked the vintners what they wanted, but didn’t ask residents on privately maintained roads what their objections might be. Wine tasting needs to stay where it belongs — under “restaurant and bar” zoning (or use public roads). Tell supervisors to vote no on Placer County’s winery ordinance. Matt Marin Auburn