Winery centers are a disaster recipe

Reader Input
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Wineries claimed, ?We are farmers, we have a right to farm,? (even though they can sell 240,000 bottles of imported wine without growing a single grape of their own) and with the help of Placer County officials wedged themselves into our communities. Does that sound like ?Placer Grown?? Now, wineries and deep-pocket property owners are arguing they have a right to be community centers which allow weddings, concerts, receptions, dances and hundreds of guests at a time (up to 375 for a winery event) while avoiding those troublesome winery restrictions that are supposed to protect the rest of us. One applicant is less than three-quarters of a mile from a grange hall (a true community center) while another doesn?t even live on site. Hopefully the traffic, headlights, good-night car horns and revelry of hundreds of celebrants will end before midnight since 4:30 to 11 p.m. is already under request. If wineries can be community centers, why can?t all orchards, farms and ranches? The floodgate will be open. The marriage between farmland, wineries and community centers will be a disaster for Placer County residents who moved here for refuge. I feel blessed to be able to hear wildlife from a mile away in the quiet of the foothills, but soon we can have ?Second Saturday? wildlife seven days per week all year-round until long after we put the kids to bed and we won?t even need to travel to Downtown Sacramento. Write your supervisor and see our petition or email us @ Mike Giles, (Neighborhood Rescue Group), Newcastle