Wish governor had vetoed FAIR act

Reader Input
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This is in response to all the controversy about the “Fair Education Act” (Journal, July 22-23). They tried to get something like this passed back in 2006, but it was rejected. I wrote a letter about this back then and was glad it got voted down. It’s too bad Gov. “Moonbeam” didn’t have the guts to veto this one. This is a bad bill and should not have been passed. Most Americans are very tolerant of other “lifestyles” and don’t care what your sexual “orientation” is, as long as you keep it to yourself. If homosexuality was “normal,” there wouldn’t be a human race! It is abnormal and simply means it is a deviation from what has been normal sexual behavior of the majority of the human race since its beginnings. That does not make them bad or less of a person. However, homosexuals know it’s not normal or right and some, to make themselves feel better, need to make the rest of us wrong, like there is something abnormal about us because we don’t agree and they want to force us into that agreement. The psychiatrists love this kind of thing and that’s how the label “homophobic” came into being. They jumped on this opportunity to come up with another of their made up “disorders,” and declared that there’s something wrong with people who don’t agree that homosexuality is OK. Did you know that several years ago, they made up a “disorder” for homosexuality, but because of the hue and cry from that group, withdrew it from their “disorder” book? So much for psychiatry being a “science.” I will repeat what I said five years ago. I do not resent homosexuals or lesbians. However, I do resent efforts, by some, to have their behavior shoved down my throat and our children’s throats as being normal, somehow admirable and something that is OK to emulate. While I do not think that homosexual behavior is admirable, I do believe there are many admirable people who are homosexual. However, they are admirable in spite of that aberration, not because of it, just as many other people in history have been admirable, in spite of their shortcomings or aberrations. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn