Woman bites dog, ends up on TV

Unusual habit gets national TV exposure
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An Auburn woman’s unusual habit of biting her dog has fetched her a spot on the Rachel Ray television show, which will air Thursday. Kathy Partak (who was featured in a July 9, 2006 Journal article about her curious chomping), likes to bite her purebred cocker spaniel, Riley, on the neck each morning. Riley even gets upset if he doesn’t get his morning nibble, which Partak, 42, describes as more of a love bite. Partak was trolling the Web for ways to promote a new invention when she saw the Rachel Ray show was looking for viewers to be part of a segment called “Am I the only person in America who …” She submited her information on the Web and received a call from show producers days later. Partak and her pooch were flown to New York in September (Partak first class, the dog in the cargo hold). “My husband said, ‘Do you really want America to know you bite your dog?’” Partak said Tuesday. “But if it opens the door, my goal is to promote my product.” Partak is getting ready to distribute a line of specially designed snow gloves for children. Partak said filming was very structured, so she didn’t get to chat for long with Ray, the celebrity chef-turned talk show host. “Rachel was really nice on the show,” Partak said. “She stopped me (after taping) to play with Riley, it was cool.” Show producers called Partak this week to say her segment would air Thursday. “From the standpoint of coming from a small town, it’s a really neat thing for people to know that they do read those e-mails,” Partak said. “If you have something to say, they really do read them.” The Rachel Ray show airs at 3 p.m. Thursday on KCRA Channel 3. — Michelle Miller-Carl