Woman offers plan for Auburn happiness

Reader Input
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Here’s a solution to all of Auburn’s problems. Have the Auburn Recreation District accept the Shockley Park and name it according to the benefactor’s wishes (keeps the developers out). Maintain a square boundary for the park, and put a sign in the middle that calls it Central Square (keeps the old-time Auburnites happy). Enlarge the Streetscape design to flow from Lincoln Way (he freed the slaves, the antithesis to Shockley’s eugenics views) to Auburn Ravine Road (gold discovery creek to satisfy history buffs) up Mikkelson Road (Roy was an Olympic skier) to Shockley Road (named after the Nobel Prize winner) past Shockley Court (named for the racist) and into the park. Put up a statue of Wendell Robie mounted on a horse and a statue of Gordy Ainsleigh running (satisfies the Endurance people). Make it a pitbull-only park (keeps the vicious breed apart from all others). And finally, every third Saturday night in September, hold the Black & White Ball there (keeps the Chamber of Commerce alive and kicking). Simple, isn’t it? Then the rest of us can enjoy our wonderful little town. Naomi Eggenschweiler, Auburn