Woman pays for all customers’ meals at Newcastle Denny’s

By: Alexandra Garner Special to the Journal
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Who doesn’t love getting free food? On Monday, customers at the Denny’s Restaurant located off Newcastle Road were enjoying their meals when they were notified that an anonymous woman paid their entire bill. “She was in here with two children, and they had lunch. Then they came and paid for their bill. She asked me how much the bill was, and said she wanted to pay for everyone’s meal,” said Seto Avakian, relief manager, and a retired Denny’s manager. Hearing such an offer surprised Avakian and he asked the woman to repeat it. “I said that that was a lot of money, and she looked at me and said that was fine,” he said. The women paid for about $200 worth of food. The action made by the woman isn’t a typical deed a customer would do, Avakian said. “I’ve been in the business for many years, and never in my life have I seen that before,” he said. He was thoroughly surprised, and said that it was a very generous and kind act. The woman was extremely nice, and his amazement made him ask “if she hit the Lotto or something.” She did not answer, he said. Customers at the restaurant were notified about the surprise payment she left. They expressed gratitude and shock with the news, Avakian said. In fact, there was a group whose bill was over $50, and they couldn’t believe someone would pay such an amount, he added. “It was just like Christmas all over again, but in August!” said Avakian.