Women’s rights a presidential issue

Reader Input
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Imagine my surprise returning home from the weekend to read my Friday Auburn Journal (“Knight Obama to the rescue,” Reader Input, March 16). Are you married, Robert (Carrell)? To an intelligent women of the 21st century? I don’t know. I wouldn’t want that bullseye on my back, and they just might outnumber you, at least the smart ones. Tell me, Bob, why women's rights are not our president’s business? I do assume your misinformed self doesn’t care for him much. Understandable reading your letter. You should call up Bob Morris. He was the only one that refused to sign a resolution to recognize the 100th birthday of the founding of the Girl Scouts the other day in Washington. Something about the fear that they represent and promote homosexuality and abortion. I guess you can probably relate. I personally don’t think our First Amendment right is in danger here, but still I would not want to be in your shoes with that opinion. I just love ignorant, talkative people. Thanks for listening. Mark Jensen, Newcastle