Women will remember Rush

Reader Input
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As regards Mr. (Robert) Carrell’s letter (Reader Input, March 16), he spoke of President Obama being a “knight in shining armor” and railed against free speech. Unfortunately, he was speaking of Rush Limbaugh’s free speech only. I, for one, appreciated that our president called Sandra Fluke, the law student who testified in Washington. She exercised her right to speak her peace and was then ridiculed by Rush Limbaugh for three days. President Obama saw that a citizen was chastised and called vile names by a public figure for doing what she had a legal right to do. Remember, he is the father of two daughters and I would imagine that he wouldn’t want his daughters treated in the same way for exercising their right to speak. Mr. Limbaugh is feeling the pain by losing many advertisers, his ”apology” notwithstanding, and the GOP has lost credibility among the female wing of their party for their gut-less response to Mr. Limbaugh’s disgusting diatribe. People seem to think this will blow over, but while women are forgiving by nature, we do not forget! Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn