Work crews stand idle

Reader Input
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I recently witnessed two separate construction crews working. I saw the PCWA in the Robie Point area and a county crew working near Kemper. I have a suggestion for the management of both. Instead of using helium in your vehicle and trailer tires, try using compressed air. This will save thousands of dollars, which could be passed down to the consumers and taxpayers. Helium? Yes, it must be. I could be mistaken and they were just taking an extended two-hour break, but I’m pretty sure both crews had their arms folded and propped on top of the trailer/truck to keep them from floating away. Add it up, folks. Twelve employees at two to four hours multiplied by union wages! Dishonesties like these have our government cutting education etc. in order to balance the budget. There are many unemployed out there who would accept these jobs and work hard all day. What happened to an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work? This country has become a “me, me” country. Honesty is the best medicine. Let’s put an end to the dishonest practice of cheating someone else to get that extra buck. Phil Lewis, Auburn