Workers comp a major waste

Reader Input
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Our government doesn’t belong in our health care. They control workers comp and the only advice I can give people is don’t get hurt at work. You’re turned into a human guinea pig and run all over the country for appointments to have their so-called specialists tell you “I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” and they do this until your temporary disability runs out, not doing a damn thing to help you. In the long run they cost you your job, medical bills to your own personal doctor and your sanity. (Mr. Obama needs to do some more research and serious thinking before making this costly move.) Workers comp is a waste of taxpayers’ and employers’ money and a waste of your time. Something needs to be done about this system because they are stealing money for insurance — medical treatment that people are being denied. And our government wonders why there are so many people dependent on the system. It’s because their system is causing it. People are not getting the medical care needed to get back to work. U.S. government: Do us all a favor stay out of our health care, you parasites! Shellie Browning, Colfax