Workers save dazed raptor

Reader Input
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Commendations to the South Placer Municipal Utility District employees who, on Sept. 13, stopped on Taylor Road to pick up an injured hawk, sitting seemingly stunned, alongside the road with cars whizzing by. My partner and I noticed the hawk as we drove by and turned around to go back to see if it was still there, assuming if it was it was either injured or ill. As we drove up the SPMUD employees were just stopping to see what they could do. They carefully approached the large, beautiful bird, prepared to pick it up with gloves and a jacket thrown over it. The bird was so dazed it wasn’t necessary to do anything but pick it up. The two men said they would take it to the bird rescue facility in Roseville. It is heartening that these men took the time to help this raptor. Thank you again from us to them for making a difference in a life. CAROL BROCK, Penryn