Worried about hunters’ youth

Reader Input
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I am writing to voice my objections to the proposed antlerless deer hunt. I am not an anti-gun person. My uncles, brother, grandmother, in-laws and other relatives have owned or do own guns, are hunters, or law enforcement, and I have been an archer in the past. However, I do oppose this proposal for this “youth” hunt. The potential for danger to the public is just too great. I am fearful of the idea of novice hunters patrolling relatively populated areas. I have been hit by a stray bullet twice in my lifetime and am really anxious to never have that happen again. I especially object to the provision for bow hunting. Deer are not a practice target. I abhor the idea that deer may be painfully injured and suffer untold anguish due to an arrow injury. This is not for the inexperienced hunter! In addition, even though the killing of spotted fawns is not allowed, killing their mothers is OK. So small fawns will be left motherless to starve. How can this be justified? It is just cruel. Please do not support this hunt. Pat Miller, Loomis