Writer’s ‘facts’ exhibit flaws

Reader Input
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Donald Adams (Reader Input, March 2) has convinced himself that homosexuality is the cause of corruption in our country. Perhaps he’s completed a secret survey on who the criminals are who ran our economy into the ground, lie to us in political commercials, take bribes from special interests, and generally fill our prisons and found that they’re all gay. Please publish your study and be recognized for your scholarly logic. He also fancies himself an expert on the Constitution and is certain that the founders’ God-fearing morality proves they’d never approve gay marriage. He must have missed the part where they approved slavery, stole from Native Americans and engaged in debauchery with all the above (these practices, unlike gay marriage, were non-consensual). He figures approval of polygamy lies ahead. Apparently, he forgot that one of the most prominent Christian churches in the country already went down that road over 100 years ago. Anthropology demonstrates a variety of successful mating arrangements, as does nature itself. If you’ve got a problem with that, I suggest you bypass the Journal and complain directly to the Creator. The highlight of his profound dissertation: We might as well legalize bestiality marriage. I didn’t know their advocates even had a ballot measure, not to mention parades! Jim Beall, Sr., Applegate